WordPress website design

WordPress website design

Wordpress website design. Today's website is the most important business card of your company. What's more, it turns out that an attractive website can be responsible for the success of your business to a large extent. Sales, new customers acquisition, automatization of certain elements of the company - these are just a few of the advantages of having your own website. A website powered by WordPress is also a rich advertising tool connected to your social media. We use only the best additions! Check us out.

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WordPress website design

Website using WordPress + Divi

We offer a comprehensive creation of a website based on the WordPress system with the Divi template from Elegantthemes, which is currently the Top10 the best templates for WordPress.

As a part of a website design service you get:

  • An individually prepared website visually, running under the designated Internet domain on our or your server;
  • Permanent license for Divi template in option with our server; (the license itself is worth about 1000 PLN);
  • Website access transfer;

WordPress is a universal and extremely modern tool that will allow us to build a website that meets all your requirements! Using the right tools, passion and experience, we will create for you a unique, web-based business card of your company. Start a blog, reach even more recipients of your content as well as customers and present your company’s offer in an attractive way, manage your own store!

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows creating fully functional websites. WordPress is based on an open license similar to Open Source, allowing any code modification, which also enables building advanced systems and websites.

WordPress websites design – using this system you get:

  • Constant development and platform updates which allow to keep up with the development of online technologies and security.
  • Effective SEO support – speeding up positioning on the part of Google.
  • Great flexibility and a wide possibilities of website development.
  • Lower implementation costs compared to dedicated CMS systems.
  • The popularity of the platform increases the availability of competent web developers.


  • We advise which website address will be the best for you – we have as many as 640 extensions!
    Registration 0 PLN – renewal depending on the domain extension.
  • We provide the VPS server on SSD disks with a database for placing a website and e-mail services.
    Price 200 PLN / net for a year.
  • Enrich WordPress with the most popular positioning additions – an optional extra charge, depending on your need.


Google loves WordPress!


As much as 34% of the web is based on WordPress More than 60 milion of people have chosen WordPress More than 54 thousands of plugs that will meet your needs #1 for blogs, entrepreneurs, companies, private individuals and small shops


Optimization and positioning of WordPress based website is one of the best ways to increase your brand’s popularity. What’s more, it is incredibly simple – just to take care of a few fundamental principles and issues regarding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that the first effects appear. You can take care of yourself or take advantage of our help! We will make the content of your site even much clearer and Google-friendly, which will have beneficial effects on your website positioning. And all using # 1 plugin for WordPress SEO – SEO Yoast.


The advantages of WordPress


Personalized projects

Adjusted for search engines

mobile sites

High efficiency

Managing on the go

High safety

Efficient media management

Simplicity and accessibility


Choosing our offer you will additionally receive one of the most popular themes ever created for WordPress, i.e. the Divi template created by Elegant Themes.

What is Divi?

Divi is more than just a theme for WordPress. Divi is a completely new platform for creating websites that replaces the standard WordPress post editor  with a much better visual editor. the use of the editor is suitable for both more advanced WordPress users and for those who are just starting their adventure with the most popular tool responsible for creating websites.




Transfer elements between pages Edit your website and immediately preview changes Combine Divi features with your knowledge and skills
 Create beautiful and responsive webpages. Enjoy tens of unique webpage elements and thousands of design choices Implementation of changes has never been so easy. Just click and start writing!
Simple management of your projects Manage the whole website design with global elements and project settings throughout the site Easy reversing, redoing and viewing the entire editing history. If you make a mistake, Divi will help you fix it really fast!

Divi – the complete WordPress design system

  • Full control of the project
    Divi is not just a WordPress theme, it’s a complete design environment that lets you design and customize every part of your website from the base. You have control over everything, even unto the smallest details.
  • Optimization and conversion
    Divi is not only equipped with powerful design tools, but also makes your site more likely to achieve real success. Create marketing lists using Bloom pop-ups. Promote your site in social media with the use of Monarch social sharing feature. Increase page conversions with Divi Leads shared tests.
  • Edit and build websites even faster
    You will be surprised by the speed and efficiency of Divi! Divi is not only an easy-to-use program for creating websites for beginners, but also an advanced design system that can help to improve the team’s work.


Our projects


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