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Fan Page Templates

Do you lack ideas on how to gain the trust and sympathy of Internet users? No problem! Plan your company's future and success! The graphic design of templates published on Facebook Page and Instagram will allow you to get even more followers and likes.

140,00  netto (172,20  z VAT)

Facebook and Instagram graphic template 

Facebook Page templates

Facebook Page templates – professionally run Facebook Page is highly associated with graphically well-composed posts. The attention of a potential customer is usually attracted not by the content itself, but by a picture or video attached to the post. Consequently, we offer the creation of graphic design templates for published posts. Thanks to our help, your Fan Page will become coherent and will represent your brand even more effectively. When it comes to designing, we always have one important rule: an attractive and well-composed post will always gain the attention of a potential customer!

The Facebook Page graphic template design service for posts includes:

  • Preparation of three templates while maintaining the concept of company identification and logo.
  • Preparation of graphics with transparency in the following formats: 900x900px, 960x640px.
  • 14 files with source files and PDF.

Instagram template

Thanks to the 900x900px format, your publications on Instagram will be consistent with other social accounts.

The  preparation of template cost is one-off and amounts 140 PLN net.


Additional graphic service – publication of posts

Facebook graphic service

Jeżeli korzystasz z naszej usługi prowadzenie Fanpage możesz dokupić usługę dostosowania grafiki pod wzór z szablonu.
Opłata miesięczna – cena uzależniona jest od ilości postów z grafiką i wynosi:

If you use our Fan Page service, you can buy a graphic customization service based on the template.
Monthly fee – the price depends on the number of posts with graphics and stands at:

  • 1 post per week – 30 PLN
  • 2 posts per week – 60 PLN
  • 3 posts per week – 90 PLN
  • 4 posts per week – 120 PLN
  • 5 posts per week – 140 PLN *
  • 6 posts per week – 160 PLN *
  • 7 posts per week – 180 PLN *
  • 8 posts per week – 200 PLN*
  • 9 posts per week – 210 PLN *
  • 10 posts per week – 220 PLN *

*The cost of creating a template is included in the graphic service price.
The amount is added to Fan Page service  in the available packages(+5, +6, +8, +10).

Stand out from the crowd and check out our offer.

Ilość publikowanych postów graficznych

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10


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