Google AdWords campaign

AdWords campaign

An AdWords campaign is a professional and effective promotion of your products and services. Acquire new customers thanks to advertising on the Internet. Do not hesitate and let us help you today - we guarantee 100% satisfaction with our services. In the amount of 350 PLN net, you will receive campaign worth 500 PLN.

350,00  netto (430,50  z VAT)

Google AdWords campaign worth 500 PLN in the amount of 350 PLN net

AdWords campaign

Google AdWords campaign is a form of paid advertising which requires high specialist knowledge and systematic observation of results in order to achieve the highest possible profit. The first AdWords campaign may seem difficult, but as a part of our service you will receive the support of the dedicated specialist, who has been working with this tool for years, and constant optimization focused on achieving the goal. Thanks to this, the effects of your campaign will be better, and you will not have to worry about anything. Acquire new recipients through online advertising, you will receive an additional 250 PLN from Google for our new customers for the first campaign.

Why is the campaign’s value higher?

We are a Google partner, therefore you receive 250 PLN for the first Google AdWords campaign. By investing 250 PLN in an additional advertising you will receive 250 PLN as a gift! The total amount of the campaign is 500 PLN. We charge 20% of the service costs from the final campaign amount.

Campaign support includes:

  • configuration of AdWords campaign,
  • support,
  • monitoring,
  • reporting along with settlement.

After launching the campaign, you will receive a link to the report/ statistics, in which you can follow the results of the ad on a regular basis.

The cost of servicing an advertising campaign in Google AdWords depends on the budget value:

  • campaigns worth 500-999 PLN – 20% commission,
  • campaigns worth 1,000-1999 PLN – 17% commission,
  • campaigns worth 2000-2999 PLN – 15% commission,
  • campaigns worth 3000-4999 PLN – 13% commission,
  • campaigns worth 5,000 PLN or more – 10% commission.

The minimum campaign value on Google that we support is 500 PLN.



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