prowadzenie facebooka cennik

Running a Facebook page – price list

Running a Facebook page – price list

Let yourself stand out!

Thanks to the diverse price list and wide offer, adjust the selected service to your needs and expectations.

In an era completely dominated by social media, in order to push yourself forward and increase the efficiency of your business, making a Facebook profile is already the norm. However, the content published on your fanpage should not only be interesting, but also catch the attention of your potential customers. Proper management of posts that will allow you to gain new fans often requires a lot of free time, creativity and regularity to keep interest in your company. Let us help you and get to know our offer, which includes running Facebook. We offer three types of packages that provide 5, 12, and 20 posts per month respectively. We offer services from PLN 139/month net. 


Running a fanpage price list


Running Facebook price list