Webpages offer

Websites offer – Today websites are widespread. They are owned by small and large companies, social organizations, as well as many people who simply want to appear on the Internet in some way. Also, creating a website is simpler than ever before.

We offer:

  • Service and administration of websites and online stores.
  • Moving webpages and stores to other.
  • Creating webpages and online stores.
  • Domains management.
  • Servers management.
  • SEO.
  • AdWords campaigns.

Do you need individual pricing? Please contact us by phone: +48 508 360 142 or [email protected]

Our mission is customer satisfaction. We do our best to ensure that the customer receives the greatest satisfaction from our implementation. That is why it is thoroughly consulted with the client to render his vision as faithful as possible. In order to learn more about our projects, we invite you to visit the portfolio tab.

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Google AdWords campaign

AdWords campaign


An AdWords campaign is a professional and effective promotion of your products and services. Acquire new customers thanks to advertising on the Internet. Do not hesitate and let us help you today – we guarantee 100% satisfaction with our services. In the amount of 350 PLN net, you will receive campaign worth 500 PLN.

WordPress website design

WordPress website design

800,00 2 000,00 

Wordpress website design. Today’s website is the most important business card of your company. What’s more, it turns out that an attractive website can be responsible for the success of your business to a large extent. Sales, new customers acquisition, automatization of certain elements of the company – these are just a few of the advantages of having your own website.

A website powered by WordPress is also a rich advertising tool connected to your social media. We use only the best additions! Check us out.