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How to set up a Facebook fanpage ? Step-by-step

How to set up a Facebook fanpage? Step-by-step!

How to set up a Fanpage? Nowadays, more and more people became aware of how powerful for communication and sales tool it is to have a company page on Facebook. Almost every self-respecting company runs its own Fanpage, thanks to which they can reach their customers even easier and faster. How to set up such a site? It turns out that it is really simple, and this short article will show you step by step how to do it.


Before you start, be well prepared!

Many of the company pages that we can find on Facebook are useless in practice or difficult to find. This is mainly due to poor preparation and foolishness about what a fanpage should really look like and what information do we want to include on our profile. Therefore, before you move on to practical activities, it’s better to make the appropriate preparations beforehand and:


  • define the target audience– think about what group of people do you want to reach .Consider the age range of your potential audience, gender and other relevant characteristics. Many other factors will depend on this (such as the appearance of the page, the style of posts or the language you should use), which may affect the popularity of your Fanpage.
  • develop a basic strategy – determine the method of encouraging your potential followers to like your Fanpage. Remember that the content you are going to publish should not only be interesting and stand out from other sites with similar topics, but also encourage your future fans to interact – whether by leaving a thumbs up or comment, or by sharing the entire post.
  • create a good name – did you know that a good name for your Fanpage is half the battle? You need a unique, catchy and, most of all, easy to remember name that will give you a high position in search results.
  • collect full company data – collect all the most important information about the company for your website. Such information includes, but is not limited to: address, phone number, e-mail address, website address, fax, opening hours of the shop or the office (if you have one).
  • write a short description of the company – briefly summarise what you do. The limit of such a message is 255 characters with spaces.
  • prepare a metric – the metric often is the most readable, and thus – most often visited by users. Therefore you should really take your time while making it.
  • Blue-pencil a description of the company – describe your company a bit more precisely – now you are not limited by any limits, but remember not to overdo it. Too long descriptions may discourage potential followers from reading them.
  • prepare a profile picture – this is an extremely important step, so it’s best if you prepare your own logo or other identification mark of your business as a image with a size of 180×180 pixels. Thanks to this, your website shall not be confused with any other with a similar topic, which could result in taking away your potential followers.
  • prepare a background photo – prepare an image that will appear as the background of your Fanpage, preferably with a size of 851×315 pixels. You can put your website name, advertising slogan, contact details or use premade Facebook header templates that will additionally emphasize your profile picture or Fanpage name.



Take the first step “How to set up a Facebook fanpage ” – create a page

When you have already made a list of all the requirements that your Fanpage should meet, you can go ahead with specific actions! However, you have to remember one more thing: in order to set up a company page on Facebook, you must have a private account (an account of an actual person), but don’t worry about anything – people visiting your fanpage won’t see the owner of it. All posts or comments will be published under your brand name (unless you change it in the settings).


Now that we’ve made all the important preparations, it’s time to create your first page. The first step you need to take is to go to this adress: . You will be transferred to a page that will allow you to choose one of the two categories of your Fanpage. Matching the profile to fit the kind of business is extremely important and will affect several other elements, such as the arrangement of content on the Fanpage, available tabs or even positioning. Therefore, it is worth considering your choice so that later you don’t regret that some functions, more or less significant, are unavailable. Depending on the page type you choose, the next steps will be slightly different.

Currently, there are two different types of pages – each of them offers different possibilities, thanks to which it will be even easier for you to match your online business card to the business you run.

  • Company or a Brand – Showcase your products and services, make your brand stand out and reach more customers on Facebook.
  • Community or public figure – connect with people in your community, organization, team, group or club and share information with them.


From your perspective as the entrepreneur , a more appealing option will be to choose the first type of page, i.e. the “Company or a Brand”. Once you’ve made your decision, you’ll be asked to provide a name, a category (enter a word or two that best describes your business, then select the option you’re interested in), and complete basic information such as your full address and optionally a phone number. Attention! The address you provide can be hidden (only the city and province will be shown), however, we recommend leaving them public because it will allow all potential customers to easily find your company’s headquarters.