Business Manager on Facebook – what is it all about?

Business Manager on Facebook

What is the Business Manager?

Business Manager provides comprehensive services to advertisers, agencies, publishers and marketing partners, enables them to manage their resources and share them with external partners and the entire team.



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Business Manager allows agencies and advertisers to directly manage different permission levels for team members working on advertisment accounts or pages. Business Manager suits everyone. Both large and small companies use Business Manager to stay organized by gathering all of their business resources and information in one place. When you have Business Manager , your company retains control of your Facebook assets and securely manages user access to the right people and the right credit lines.



There are three main tabs in the Business Manager panel: Home, Ad Account Overview, and Activity. Many day-to-day needs can be accessed from the Business Manager panel.



While adding new people to your Business Manager assign them the access of an administrator or an employee. Employee access : We recommend adding people as employees. They can only work on assigned accounts and tools. Administrative Access : Admins have full control of your business. They can edit settings, people, accounts, and tools. You can also use advanced options to assign financial roles. Financial Analyst : Sees financial details such as transactions, invoices, account expenses, and payment methods. Finance Editor: Can edit company credit card information and financial details such as transactions, invoices, account expenses, and payment methods.


Role Permissions

It can manage all aspects of the page, including sending messages and posting as a page, creating ads, viewing statistics, and assigning page roles.
The editor  can edit the page, send messages and publish as a page, create ads and view statistics.

The moderator  can reply and delete comments on the page, post messages as the page, create ads, and view insights.

Advertiser  Can create ads for the site and view statistics.

The analyst  can view statistics.


Business Manager’s roles

Admin –  add and remove employees and partners. View and edit business settings. Add and manage pages, ad accounts or other assets.
Employee –  View business settings. Is assigned to manage pages, ad accounts or other resources

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