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Since 2005, we are the full service Advertising Agency. We offer a lot of services, such as designing, outsourcing, sponsorship, advice, event, public relations, advertisement, promotion, print, Internet, services (web hosting, web design, Internet domain registration) and graphic design projects (posters, logos, folders and much more).

Advertising Agency

As a producer and distributor with huge experience and technical knowledge, we live up market demands and we meet up all the necessary requirements and rules. We keep improving our skills and try to get new experience cause it is highly important to us to never stay behind the competition in the technology race. Our target and mission are:


  • graphic design,
  • web design,
  • online shop connected with Allegro,
  • AdWords campaigns,
  • Internet domains price list,
  • copywriting,
  • large format printing price list,
  • running Fanpages.

Facebook and Social Media support offers

Running Instagram in Polish

99,00 255,00 

Running Instagram in the scheme of everyday duties can be often quite challenging, especially for an entrepreneur, a company owner or a public figure. That’s when a help from specialists comes and it can be really useful! See for yourself how much you will get just by simply letting us to run your Instagram in Polish. Moreover, you are the one who decides how many posts will appear on your profile per week and what they will look like. Check us out!

Running a Facebook Page in Polish

99,00 255,00 

Let us run your Facebook Page in accordance with all marketing and advertising rules! Our advertising agency specializes in online advertising and that is why we would like to introduce you to our next service – running a Facebook Page in Polish.

Running a Facebook Page in English

115,00 285,00 

Running a Facebook Page in English. Thanks to our offer you can attract new fans and clients also abroad now! See our professionalism – we invite you to check out our latest offer!

Running Instagram in English

140,00 240,00 

Running Instagram in English. Thanks to our offer you can attract new followers and clients also abroad now! See our professionalism – we invite you to check out our latest offer!

Utworzenie Fanpage


Teoretycznie utworzenie fanpage na Facebook to zadanie bardzo proste. W praktyce jednak samo założenie i prowadzenie Fanpage wymaga od nas wiele wiedzy i doświadczenia, zwłaszcza gdy mówimy o profilach, które będą miały za zadanie przekładać się na przykład na konkretne zyski finansowe. Tą wiedzą i doświadczeniem pragniemy się z Tobą podzielić i zapewnić Ci wysoki poziom Twojej wizytówki na Facebooku.

Social Media obsługa – Twitter, Instagram, Google+

200,00 1 599,00 

Poznaj Super Moc – Social Media

Daj się wyróżnić – skutecznie poprowadzimy konta Twojej firmy w mediach społecznościowych.

W ramach proponowanego dodatku zapewniamy stworzenie kont firmowych na Twitterze, Instagramie oraz Google+ wraz z kreacjami graficznymi, opisami oraz ich ustawieniami.

Kampania Facebook

100,00 500,00 

Dzięki wykorzystaniu znanego narzędzia jakim jest menedżer reklam na Facebooku, stworzymy dla Ciebie skuteczną reklamę. Twoi klienci już są na Facebooku, pozwól nam teraz do nich dotrzeć!


Reklama Facebook +


Prowadzisz firmowy Fanpage jednak nie widzisz większych efektów? Marny zasięg, słaby odzew i mało polubień?
Wiemy jak to zmienić!
Sprawdź naszą ofertę reklama Facebook i przekonaj się, że z nami Twój profil na Facebooku zyska moc i energię! 😉

Reviews and our Clients

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Park Wodny Koszalin
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Hala Widowiskowo-Sportowa

Our work

About us

Advertising Agency

Comprehensive and professional advertising service. Graphic design, web development, hosting, domains, SEO, printing, large-format printing, digital and offset printing.

Target and mission

Our target and mission are:

  • offering services and products with high quality,
  • identifing real needs and selection of adequate and reasonable solutions,
  • improving our skills and, what is directly related to it, improving the quality of products and services that we offer,
  • using the most modern technology,
  • keeping attractive prices.

Our experience

Graphic design - 13 years
Creating websites / stores - 13 years
Printing - 13 years
SEO - 11 years
Marketing - 7 years
Co-organizing events - 6 years

We define what is advertising


Large-format printing

We offer large-format printing services: printing on folis, banners, meshes and other materials intended for the production of large-format advertising.

Digital print

Online digital printing. We offer low-cost prints like leaflets and posters up to A3 size and other commercial products.

Cutting styrodur

Cutting styrodur on a thermal plotter, cutting 3D letters in styrofoam, letters spatial and graphics from styrodur.

Cutting in foil

Cutting letters and graphics from sticky foil on the cutting plotter.

Engraving and laser cutting

Laser engraving, laser marking of advertising gadgets, laser cutting from plexiglass and other materials.

Offset printing

The online offset printing house offers a printout of high-volume commercial products such as: business cards, company cards and calendars, postcards, leaflets, folders, catalogs, notebooks and blocks, offer folders, posters, print on plates, envelopes, letterhead.